what YOU eat [Directer/Ryo Sena]

Ryo Sana

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Ryo Sana

A story follows a girl believes
"Being pretty is everything"!

Ryo Sena – Director, Screenplay
19-year-old University student in Tokyo. Her debut film, "Hajimete no Yoasobi," clinched the grand prize at the "Hulu U-35 Creators’ Challenge" in 2022.
This film tells the story of a high school girl who adores all things cute and pretty.

Production Company: KODANSHA
Production Company: AOI Pro.
Asako Kadokura: Akana Ikeda
Yu Amatsuka: Aki Suda
Executive Producer: Yoshinobu Noma
Producer(JAPAN/KODANSHA): Junko Jimbo
Producer(JAPAN/AOI Pro.): Yuto Nagashio
showtime: 15min.

produced by

Cinema Creators’ Lab


Asako is a girl who firmly believes that “she can’t live without being exceptionally pretty.”

It all began during one fateful English class in junior high when she stumbled upon words that would forever change her life. 

Those profound words belonged to Brillat-Savarin, the renowned French gourmet: “You are what you eat.”

Fast forward three years, and just as Asako has dedicated herself entirely to the pursuit of beauty, a captivating and mesmerizing girl transfers into her class.

What fate awaits Asako and her new friend, “Angel”?

Director’s statement

The core theme of this film revolves around my firm opposition to “lookism,” the harmful practice of judging individuals solely based on their appearance, and to express my empathy towards the universal longing to be perceived as “pretty” and “cute.” In today’s society, “lookism” stands out as a pressing social issue.

On a personal level, I have suffered from the fear of appearing unattractive. While I fully support efforts to shed light on “lookism,” I also believe that the innate desire to be pretty and the delight in all things cute are inherently beautiful aspects of human nature that should be celebrated. Balancing these conflicting emotions was challenging.

This film serves as my response to this complex dilemma as a 19-year-old filmmaker. Through its narrative, viewers are invited to explore both the unsettling horror and enchanting allure of “pretty.”

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