Draw me. [Director: Kohei Kiyasu]

Kohei Kiyasu

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Kohei Kiyasu

In 2024, we are taking on our challenge at international film festivals!

He launched the unit "Bulldocking Headlock", which he writes and directs, and has held 30 performances in 20 years.
In 2013, he won the Japan Academy Award for Best Screenplay for "Kirishima, Bukatsu Yamerutteyo". His works straddle the fields of theater, film, and animation.

Producution: ROBOT
Koyori Edogawa: Momoko Kobayashi
Kiriko Asai: Erika Takizawa
Executive Producer: Yoshinobu Noma
Producer(KODANSHA): Takuya Nagamori/Keiichi Yuta
Runnning Time: 19 min.

produced by

Cinema Creators’ Lab


Koyori, a high school girl who aspires to be a manga artist, is forced to refrain from her activities after her artwork featuring school officials is deemed problematic and have harmed others. However, she is motivated by the praise of one of her classmates and is unable to suppress her curiosity.

Eventually, she discovers what “seems” to be the truth, and there she witnesses the loneliness of her classmate.

From Director

Thoughts and Emotions Put Into Making

To be honest, I didn’t understand what a movie was. So, this production was a learning experience for me in every aspect. It was a new learning, but also a nostalgic one where the paths I had walked in the past taught me something new. This was a very personal experience, and I still don’t know how much it affects the work.

Three days before the deadline for the competition, I discarded the script I had been working on and started writing a completely new one. What I wrote in the heat of the moment was surely something typical of me since I wrote it with all my might. However, there was a slight complexity in it being appreciated. That’s because that script embodies the person that I already know very well – myself. I wanted to discover a person in me that I hadn’t known of. That was the reason why I applied for this project.

So, although presumptuous, after passing the selection process, I made a conscious decision to walk away from myself a little. It’s like a journey where a child leaves home and walks unfamiliar paths to reach an unknown town, filled with anxiety and curiosity. Of course, I am no doubt just an old guy. It was a very wholesome and yet definite journey.

For example, the protagonist has slightly changed from the character I initially wrote when applied for the competition. I changed what I wanted to emphasize. I hoped for a “ferocity” within her. A little bit of ferocity. It was also an expectation for me. It was also a question of whether I was curling up into my shell or not. By stepping back just a little, I was able to confront those thoughts. The protagonists will continue to make scars on themselves while trying to tame the world and will continue to fight. What is the purpose of using the blade of expression? I believe she will continue to think about it. I think I will too.

Regarding “Kodansha Cinema Creators’ Lab.”

I am truly indebted to everyone at Cinema Creators Lab. Although It’s not over yet. They accompanied me on my wandering journey so generously. I cannot thank you enough. Whether to rush or to dance with joy is up to me. 

They firmly entrusted the responsibility of creation to the creator. Thanks to him, I was able to create something that I can truly say is my work and the work of the Cinema Creators’ Lab. That is how much the work was in the centre.

Building a healthy relationship is delicate and sometimes even dependent on luck. I was blessed enough to be there, and that was something to be truly thankful for.

One more thing, about Mr. Yamagishi. He is the artist who produced the “manga manuscript,” which is a major cast of this work. With his presence, this work was possible. He devotedly poured his inherent uniqueness into it. Such encounters between creators might not have happened if it weren’t for “Kodansha’s Cinema Creators’ Lab.” project. Thank you very much.


As long as I am submitting for film festivals, I want to do so with results, and I expect someone to understand. However, it does not change the love I have for it. I would be happy if I could share this love with someone.

And I will continue to learn. I hope to continue meeting all of you by continuing to create.

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